Sustaining Momentum

I happen to be a huge college basketball fan. And I also happen to love Dick Vitale. I realize that he is very polarizing. You either love him or hate him. But I happen to love his enthusiasm for the sport. So now you’re thinking, “What the HECK does Dick Vitale have to do with using technology to improve student learning?” That’s what this is about, right? Improving student learning?

So let’s get on with my diatribe. First, I just finished a week of spring break and got some much-needed time with my family. But it got me thinking; as I tossed and turned last night I wondered how I would sustain any momentum to make significant change in my teaching. (In the words of Dick Vitale, “Uh Oh! Uh Oh! Look who’s get the momentum going now, baby!”)

For about a week or two before spring break, I’d put a lot of time into my blog, following #edchat discussions, expanding my Twitter PLN, and putting some serious thought into how I’d organize a pilot of the flipped class model this spring in one of my classes. Then, just as things are going well, here comes Spring Break. Not that I’m complaining. It’s been a rough spring on the personal level so this was a much-needed break. But I worry that I will lose the momentum I’ve started creating. I know I have a set of exams waiting to be graded. And lab reports for four different classes. And lessons to plan. And flipped class videos to create. And labs to prep. And next weekend I’ll be out of town with the science department scouting a new location for our Group IV project.

Then I got to thinking about my students. Will my switch to the flipped class model actually change their learning? I won’t know until I try. So my job this week is to regain my momentum. Stay tuned…



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