Too many Twitter accounts?

I’m having a stay-inside-while-the-wind-howls kind of day today. Here’s a tweet from my professional Twitter account:

But today’s post really isn’t about snow. It’s about my Twitter accounts and cross-posting. You see, I have three Twitter accounts.

@huskychemist: My personal account, used for following my favorite college (University of Washington!) and sports teams and other miscellaneous stuff.

@ThomsonScience: My professional account, used for my PLN, sharing ideas with other teachers, and all things related to my professional life as a teacher.

@MrThomsonAISB: My teacher account, used only for sharing with my students at AISB. From this account, I do not follow anybody, as I want my timeline to only show posts I intend to share with my students.

But today a funny thing happened. I was browsing my @ThomsonScience timeline and @2footgiraffe posted a #bedheadchallenge. Being a bit follicly challenged and willing to poke fun at myself, I posted the following tweet using my Google Nexus 7 tablet after taking a selfie.

The “problem” was that I ended up posting from my teacher account (@MrThomsonAISB) rather than my professional PLN account (@ThomsonScience) from which I follow Adam Taylor, A.K.A. @2footgiraffe. After using the tablet to make the post, I wondered why it didn’t show up on my TweetDeck timeline for @ThomsonScience. I found out a few minutes later when @2footgiraffe responded to my tweet and I got the notification email in my school inbox. OOPS!

But then I started thinking, is it such a bad thing that my students might see me interacting with some of my PLN on Twitter? I think not. The idea that I can model appropriate and fun interactions on social media seems like a good thing. So I’m leaving the post there and I’m not going to worry about it. I wonder, in fact, if my students will even wonder about the post.

What about you? Do you use multiple Twitter accounts to try to keep parts of your life separate? I don’t do this to hide anything. I share my personal life willingly with my students and don’t post things on any of my social media accounts that I don’t want the public – and my students and their parents – to see. I just find it more convenient to have separate accounts for different parts of my life. I don’t think my PLN wants me to fill their timeline with 20 Tweets about a Husky football game on a weekend. But what is your philosophy? Does it work for you?



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3 responses to “Too many Twitter accounts?

  1. Completely with you, I have two accounts: @238gardner for class & students, @virtualgardner for professional/job-related stuff for similar reasons. Though there is a little crossover, primarily through the occasional #scistuchat. Your point about keeping everything, on both accounts, as viewable is important; digital tattoo comes to mind & it becomes important to demonstrate that care with what you put out there.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts. “Digital tattoo” is a great phrase. I’m going to start using Twitter and blogging with a new class next semester, so I’m beginning to put some ideas together to get them to think about these ideas. I like it!

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