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My Twitter Experiment, Benefit 3

I’ve been working on using Twitter in my classroom this year, and one spontaneous benefit was helping to build a sense of community. One of our students had been gone for a while, while two other students were absent. One of my students said something about missing the absent students, so we decided to use the class hashtag (#MT4P) and let them know we missed them.

Below are some of the tweets (shared with student permission). I definitely like the vibe of inclusion present here. And it happened again today, with a few students gone. We sent them “missing you” tweets.

And one of the absent students responded with some thanks for the inclusion.

Do you use Twitter in your classroom? If so, what strategies do you implement to build community?


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My Twitter Experiment, Benefit 2

If an interesting article comes across my Twitter timeline, I can simply retweet it. Or…read the article, then decide whether to send it out.


How heroin kills you

— Richard G. Lanzara (@rlanzara) February 5, 2014

This relates to my class’s reading of “The Case of the Frozen Addicts” so I took a look at the article and tweeted it to my class.

#MFC14: Interesting article about heroin addiction in the U.S. (Related to #FrozenAddicts

— Mr Lowell Thomson (@MrThomsonAISB) February 5, 2014



I find the Twitter platform great for sharing this type of article. I think it’s still early in the implementation with my students, but I do occasionally get students commenting (mostly in person, less often on Twitter) on articles I post to Twitter. My goal is to post at least one article link per day. I’m sure I’m short of this goal, but anytime something intriguing I throw it up there to grab my students’ attention.

How about Twitter in your classroom? Have you seen benefits from using it with your students?


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My Twitter Experiment, Benefit 1

I’m experimenting with using Twitter as a teaching and learning tool within my grade 10 chemistry class. This is the first time I’ve been this deliberate, as I’ve essentially required my students to create a Twitter account (if they don’t already have one) and follow me. (Note: For a bit of background on my use of Twitter in general, see this previous post here.) I plan on writing a bit more in depth discussion of Twitter at a future time. I’ll share my ideas, and a bit of the inspiration for using Twitter with my students.

This post will simply be a quick sharing of one benefit I’ve found with Twitter. That is, simply, the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently with students outside the classroom. Yesterday, I was in a department meeting and a student posted a comment to me using the class hashtag. What follows is best described with the picture below.

Follow the conversation to see how easy it was for me to respond to this student.

Follow the conversation to see how easy it was for me to respond to this student.

Certainly Twitter won’t prove to be the revolution that solves all of our educational woes. However, for this student it proved quite useful. He was able to compose his blog post because I could help him navigate the pragmatics of finding his saved drafts.

Now I have some blog posts to read, including one from the student above.

Until next time.

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