My Twitter Experiment, Benefit 2

If an interesting article comes across my Twitter timeline, I can simply retweet it. Or…read the article, then decide whether to send it out.


How heroin kills you

— Richard G. Lanzara (@rlanzara) February 5, 2014

This relates to my class’s reading of “The Case of the Frozen Addicts” so I took a look at the article and tweeted it to my class.

#MFC14: Interesting article about heroin addiction in the U.S. (Related to #FrozenAddicts

— Mr Lowell Thomson (@MrThomsonAISB) February 5, 2014



I find the Twitter platform great for sharing this type of article. I think it’s still early in the implementation with my students, but I do occasionally get students commenting (mostly in person, less often on Twitter) on articles I post to Twitter. My goal is to post at least one article link per day. I’m sure I’m short of this goal, but anytime something intriguing I throw it up there to grab my students’ attention.

How about Twitter in your classroom? Have you seen benefits from using it with your students?



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