The Twitter Experiment, Benefit 4

If you’ve been following along here, you know that I’m working on using Twitter in my grade 10 chemistry class as a learning tool. Another benefit I’ve found – although I’ll admit I’m not sure how large the benefit truly is here – is having the students share their work through Twitter. This week we worked in groups to create posters about the book we’re reading together, The Case of the Frozen Addicts. I took pictures of the posters with my iPad and put all of them into a shared folder on the SkyDrive. Then I asked each student to Tweet one of the pictures. (Note: I took a picture of just the poster – see them here – and with the students.) They could decide whether to include themselves in the picture or or just include the poster alone. When the students were tweeting their pictures, we used the class hashtag #MT4P and our book hashtag #Frozen Addicts. Some of the students asked, “If one person in my group tweets the picture, do I have to also?” My response: “YES! Hopefully there will come a time when you are followed by people outside of our classroom.”

While the educational benefit of this may not be evident yet, I’m hopeful that my students develop a habit of posting their work and ideas into the Twitterverse. I want them to engage in the world around them!

Below are some examples.


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