New post at ChemEd X-Change: Using Educreations to Interact with Students

I’ve just put up a new blog post at ChemEd X-Change about my use of an iPad app called Educreations. I’ve discovered that I can use this to quite easily answer student questions that come through email.

Here’s the link for you:






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2 responses to “New post at ChemEd X-Change: Using Educreations to Interact with Students

  1. Hi,
    I’ve tried using Educreations as a tool to flip my Chemistry lessons. It actually worked! Not only did it help save classroom interaction time, it allows students to review their materials at their own time. One point to note though: I learnt that it’s important to keep my video lessons short, usually no more than 5 minutes. Students’ minds tend to wander off track once I drag a little too much in the video lessons!

    • Thank you for the comments. I appreciate it. I definitely like that students can review material by using the videos, and go at their own pace. I am certainly guilty of making some of my videos too long. I use fifteen minutes as my target maximu, though. The reason I go a bit longer than your suggestion is the pausing that I encourage within the video. If the video is about stoichiometry, I will show a problem, then ask the student to complete a checkpoint problem. At this time, they pause the video and complete the work. Then the come back to the video for more discussion. So I don’t expect – nor do I want – the students to just watch it start to finish.

      Thank you again.

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