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New blog post at ChemEd X-Change

I just put up a post at ChemEd X-Change discussing my use of an introductory video to set the stage for the year with my new students in Bangkok.

Check it out here.

Until next time, keep it #MintyFresh.


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Benefit #5 of Using Twitter with Students: Students Sharing Resources

I’m at a new school now, and will be working to integrate Twitter and blogging into my classes. It’s early in the process, and I’ll be sharing more as I move forward. But even with only a very short discussion of my use of Twitter, one student has already found a way to use Twitter to help the class.

For context, I ask my students to memorize 42 of the most common elements (name and symbol only) as the IB only provides symbols, atomic number and relative atomic mass. The periodic table used for Paper 1 does not provide names. Their first quizzes are relatively easy and cover these 42 elements. One of the students created a Quizzlet to help his studying. I’ve never used Quizzlet, but this application of Quizzlet seemed perfect. He shared the Quizzlet with me and I then asked if he could share it with his classmates using our class hashtag (#ISB212ChemHL).

Needless to say, I think students sharing resources with each other in this fashion is a great benefit of using Twitter in a classroom setting. It extends our interactions beyond the 85 minutes we spend together every other school day and provides a nice forum for the sharing of resources, both by me and by the students.

And  to add some detail, below is the Twitter conversation (with permission from the student to share).

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I’ve moved!

This summer my family and I moved to Bangkok, Thailand where I’ve joined the science department in the high school to teach IBDP Chemistry, among a few other classes. We’ve lived in Thailand before, so in many ways it’s like coming home. I already miss my colleagues and students from Bucharest and AISB, but I’m also excited for the new challenges here at ISB.

I’ll be working to integrate technology into my classes and sharing that both here and at ChemEdX-Change. And I’m still acive in the Twitterverse, although I didn’t spend much time there this summer and have just recently gotten back into conversations with others and following/joining some of the chats available.

Until next time, keep it #MintyFresh.

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