Looking for an Audience for Chemistry Student Blogs

I’m a few months into the school year at my new school (ISB) and things are going well. I’m really enjoying the year so far.

My IB Chemistry students have done a little blogging. What I’ve noticed is that it’s difficult to find a good audience for so many blogs, as I currently have about 60 students in three classes. That’s a lot of blogs to follow!

I’ve created a page to “collate” the first blog post here. To advertise, I’ve sent out some tweets using #Comments4Kids along with a few other hashtags. I’ve also tried to find some larger names in the Twitter world to get some RT Power. It’s starting to work, but there are still quite a few blog posts in need of an audience.

So if you have the time, please follow the link to the chemistry student blogs. Ideally, in that perfect world, you’ll also find time to make a comment or two. And in an even more perfect world – if such a place exists! – you’ll find blogs that don’t have comments yet. Please.

Thank you in advance if you find time to comment. And I’m happy to read a few of your own student blogs to pay it back. Just leave me a blog URL in the comments and I’ll drop in for a visit.




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