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New Blog Post at ChemEd X-Change: Review of Free iPad App “Chemical Detectives”

It’s been a slow few months for me, as I’ve been bogged down with school work. But I’m back on a bit of a writing schedule, so I hope to be more active this year.

ChemEd X-Change just published a blog post of mine about an iPad App (Chemical Detectives) that gives students an opportunity to practice identifying compounds using spectra (C-13 NMR, proton NMR, Mass Spec and IR, along with percent composition data). It’s one of the best free iPad Apps I’ve ever seen, actually.

Check it out here.

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Working on a series of blog posts about lab report feedback

Wow, I have been really bad with blogging lately. No excuses this time.

But I am working on a series of blog posts over at ChemEdX-Change related to giving feedback on lab reports. This is a big emphasis of mine this year as I’ve got a group of seniors in the first year of a new IB Chemistry syllabus. I’d love to see some really high quality lab reports – and I think meaningful feedback could help with that.

The first post is related to the logistics, aka work flow, I’ve created for providing the feedback on student lab reports. Here is the link. The next blog post will be about creating a comment bank to use for the lab reports. I’ve written about that previously here, but I’m re-exploring the idea and trying it again. More on that later.

Until next time, keep it #MintyFresh!


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New Chem-Ed X Blog Post: Reading Non-Fiction in a Chemistry Class

I’ve got a new blog post up with Chem-Ed X about the book we’re reading in my grade 10 chemistry class, The Case of the Frozen Addicts. We’re reading about three chapters per week, and using our one-hour class on Wednesdays exclusively for work with the book. I have used this book a few times before but this is the first time I’ve focused on social media – specifically blogging and Twitter – to help students respond to the text.

If you’re interested in joining the discussion, we use #MT4P for the class hashtag and #FrozenAddicts for any tweet related to the book. The students have also started blogging – although we’re only one blog post into the project, with blog post number 2 currently in the works. If you’re interested in reading the blogs (and commenting too!) check out the “Student Blogs” page from our class blog.

I’ll be writing at least one – but likely two – more post for Chem-Ed X about the book, so check back for more. And let me know if you use any non-fiction books with your science classes. I’d love to know what learning activities you use.


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New blog post on ChemEd X

I just posted some thoughts on improving my teaching through showing my students the chemistr. My seniors are working on organic chemistry and we were learning the difference between reflux and distillation for oxidation of alcohols. My post discusses the use of a demo to help them understand the difference.

Check it out:  http://www.jce.divched.org/blog/power-seeing-chemistry-action

I’d love to get more ideas for ways to create more engaging lessons. What changes have you made to your teaching to become more engaging?

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A new place for my ideas

I might be slowing down a bit on my blogging here because of a new opportunity. I recently joined as a contributor to the ChemEd X-Change. ChemEd X serves as a bit of a clearinghouse for ideas related to the study and teaching of chemistry. It is focused mostly on the pre-college and 2-year college levels. As a high school – and IB – chemistry teacher, I’ve used this resource for a while to find ideas. I signed up for the email notifications of any new posts. These have included lab ideas, safety discussions and other issues related to the teaching of chemistry. It’s one of my go-to places for resources specific to chemistry.

The front page - and description - for the ChemEd X-Change.

The front page – and description – for the ChemEd X-Change.


In late December, I got contacted by Deanna Cullen about joining the team at ChemEdX as a contributor. Of course I was thrilled for this opportunity. My first post was published about a week ago and explains my route to the team and the role social media plays in my life as a teacher. You can find the post here: Social media brought me here.

I’ll be posting at ChemEd X on topics that are specific to chemistry – and my use of technology in my teaching. I’ll still likely post here occasionally about general topics, as I like to use this blog in a reflective capacity  – a task my ChemEd X contributions aren’t really suited for currently.


Until next time.


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