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A new place for my ideas

I might be slowing down a bit on my blogging here because of a new opportunity. I recently joined as a contributor to the ChemEd X-Change. ChemEd X serves as a bit of a clearinghouse for ideas related to the study and teaching of chemistry. It is focused mostly on the pre-college and 2-year college levels. As a high school – and IB – chemistry teacher, I’ve used this resource for a while to find ideas. I signed up for the email notifications of any new posts. These have included lab ideas, safety discussions and other issues related to the teaching of chemistry. It’s one of my go-to places for resources specific to chemistry.

The front page - and description - for the ChemEd X-Change.

The front page – and description – for the ChemEd X-Change.


In late December, I got contacted by Deanna Cullen about joining the team at ChemEdX as a contributor. Of course I was thrilled for this opportunity. My first post was published about a week ago and explains my route to the team and the role social media plays in my life as a teacher. You can find the post here: Social media brought me here.

I’ll be posting at ChemEd X on topics that are specific to chemistry – and my use of technology in my teaching. I’ll still likely post here occasionally about general topics, as I like to use this blog in a reflective capacity  – a task my ChemEd X contributions aren’t really suited for currently.


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